Tuesday, 20 January 2015

An apology to my son

I LOOKED at Jacob this morning and wanted to apologise to him. I wanted to apologise for the way the world is heading and what he may face when he becomes an adult.

It's a shame I have to blog with such negativity but frankly I am so annoyed I need to vent my spleen.

The 'joy' that The Sun is dropping page three is nauseating for many reasons, none of them because I love perving on the young ladies, I have evolved unlike some men

The campaigners will tell you it sexualises children, it encourages men to commit heinous and depraved sexual crimes and makes women somehow lower class citizens.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Plenty of grown ups today followed my path, saw page three but had parents to explain the differences between the male and female body but how as a man you should respect women.

And page three is to blame for some of the vile crimes committed against women? Do me a favour, any man that commits these vile and depraved crimes is sick in the head already.

Women are lower class citizens – nope, none of these women have been forced onto page three, bound and gagged. They have chosen to do it, none of them are porn stars, they are real women with real bodies.

If Jacob saw page three when he was older, I want to be able to sit down and explain that while the paper has chosen to print that, he as a man has a duty to respect all women and their bodies.

I don't want my son growing up in a world where bodies of both sexes are hidden. It's not about sexaualising children but helping them understand at an early age that while the human body is desirable it must be respected.

I hope this doesn't upset anyone, my sole intention is express my opinion  

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