Saturday, 14 February 2015

Being a dad - six months on!

SO it’s been six months since we became parents. And the good news is we haven’t damaged Jacob in anyway! I’m sure I wasn't alone in thinking in the delivery room, what if I break him?

But, as with most things in fatherhood you soon realise your worries are just frankly ridiculous!

What it has been has been a voyage of discovery and learning, of sleepless nights and fun-filled days.

Nothing in life can prepare you for the actual job of fatherhood, you can learn lots about babycare but nothing prepares you for the emotional hit of holding your own child.

What have I learned? A load, both about myself, about patience and the joy of baby watching. Come on dads, we have all done it, just stopped and watched how our little ones go about their day.

Jacob is just a delight, especially now at six months where he is babbling away and developing a really funny personality. His favourite trick at the moment appears to be looking all sad at either me or his mum.
When he inevitably gets out attention, the cheeky little scamp either smiles so warmly or turns away quickly with a sudden bout of ‘shyness’.
I’ve also learned nothing really matters, a bad day at work can be resolved the moment you walk through the door.
I have been so blessed that as well as a healthy baby, I have the most fabulous wife, a woman born to be a mother and a true natural. But then again I am biased!!!
From the early days of neither of us knowing what the heck we were doing to now, it’s been a wonderful journey so far, long may it continue.
So for those dads to be, let me share some wisdom. Firstly, be there for the birth and see what you want to see, those precious first seconds will be burned on your memory forever
Secondly, get involved in feeding and nappies: Jacob weed on me not once but twice on his first day in the world,  a badge of honour!
Thirdly, during your paternity leave, make sure you do as much round the house as you can, it’s a good chance to learn something new!
And finally, when your baby and your partner/wife sleep, make sure you do as well or at least chill out on the sofa!
Thank you for the memories son, here’s to so many more



  1. What a truly lovely post Rob - it sounds like Jacob has made a real difference to your lives and has really enhanced it. Well done on not dropping him!! ;) Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

  2. Aw he has, life is now lots of play with a bit of work rather than the opposite it was before. You can have the crappiest day at work, walk in and he smiles, heaven. #PoCoLo