Tuesday, 12 August 2014

One mad weekend

FORGIVE me for being quiet but blimey what a weird and at times wonderful weekend.

Firstly I put together J's crib and changing table which just look lovely, would certainly recommend Cosatto Easi Peasi changer.

Very 'Easi Peasi' to set up and it looks very colorful and bold in the corner of Jacob's room. Looking forward to getting to use it next weekend all being well.

We then had the mental situation of a magpie in the chimney breast....yes a magpie. I should explain that on Wednesday night we thought we heard a bird in the chimney which turned out to be a large amount of soot which came crashing down the chimney.

Anyway on Saturday we heard a scratching noise which got louder and louder. On my hands and knees under the fire I then saw a beak....bricking it doesn't do justice to how I felt!

I phone the emergency gas engineers to no avail until Pam shouted up to me he had wriggled his way out and was walking round the front room!

An open door and our house guest soon took his leave! After we calmed down we travelled to Perry Barr to see my dad for his 70th birthday and take him, my aunt and uncle and my godparents to the greyhounds.

I had hoped to win enough to give up work and stay home with Jacob and his mummy forever but sadly doubt I will get by on £23 profit on the night.

A wonderful time was had by all though and was the perfect way to bring to an end our time as a two, the next social occasion will be a three!

And then there was Sunday...but that can come on the next blog.....

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