Friday, 26 September 2014


REMEMBER it? That thing you used to do of a not that you dirty little so and soes.

Despite parenthood changing our whole lives, the biggest change for me personally has been sleep. Luckily we have a child whose very keen on sleeping when it's dark so that is challenge one out of the way.

However, we have both gone from seven hours continuous sleep to seven hours in installments which isn't too bad. Making my lunch at 6am while waiting for a bottle to warm does shave time off my morning routine!

I am starting to think though all the tips to get them to sleep are rubbish and your baby will do what the heck he or she likes. The only input you have is if you listen to what they want then they MAY oblige and give you some much needed rest.

In the last 10 days Jacob has increased his feeds of an evening, up until 4pm he quite happy to go three/four hours between his milk. After 4.30pm though, he becomes 'The Milk Monster' and makes it quite clear he wants milk at 7pm.

I like to think he is pleased to see me and wants to reward me for a hard day's work with some daddy time but it's probably just because he's starving!

That takes us to about 9ish when he is then after it again and up until the last two nights he guzzles away happily and then falls asleep. However the last two nights he's been so knackered from all the playtime with mummy feeding is hard work.

It's a routine of sorts because after 9pm feed he is very happy until at least 3am/3.30am which gives us some much needed snooze time!

But it's not the same for everyone and I am not showing off at all, just think its the luck of the draw!


  1. Rob, I hesitate to trot out that old line that "it does get better eventually" but, well, it does get better eventually. Having come out of the other end, what it has made me realise is that I can get by perfectly well on much less sleep than I used to. Although I would dearly love to get my Sunday morning lie-in back! Maybe one day ...

  2. Oh dear...I have to admit that THEY get better sleeping but, even now, after 7 years my sleep pattern is all over the place! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :)

  3. I agree, some of the lie ins missed out on are a bit taxing but I have never needed a lot of sleep anyway! I guess there are plenty more interesting sleep related episodes ahead!