Monday, 3 November 2014

If you find breastfeeding 'offensive' you're a tit

SO it 's been a normal Monday morning, going through my tweets, catching up with e-mails and the like when I stumble across this.

And to say it makes me angry and spoils my Monday morning is an understatement. I know as a bloke I shouldn't get angry as much but I am fed up reading how people find breastfeeding 'offensive' and how mums are banned from shops for doing it.

For crying out loud it will soon be 2015, can we not as human beings differentiate between breasts being used to feed a hungry little human and basic public nudity. It's not like the poor mum in the story was sitting there with her breasts out with a 'come and have a go on these' look on her face!!!!!!!!.

The same goes for the mums banned/asked to stop feeding in shops, every mum I have encountered breastfeeding does it with varying degrees of privacy, from the full on shawl to a slight turn away or a lift up of a shirt. You see nothing and to be honest if you find it sexual you need your head seeing to, if you find it 'vulgar' then sorry you're a prude.

We went to an NCT reunion the other weekend and I turned round inadvertently and ended up with a full view of nipple seconds before a little person began his lunch. I was slightly embarrassed but only because I've got to know the mum and her husband really well but offended no - it's just a little person's lunch/dinner being offered!

My point being is you cannot consider something natural as offensive, mums up and down the land aren't walking around in public with their breasts hanging out. I'm no hippy, far from it but please let's grow up here.

The internet is full of offensive things, let's spend more time complaining about innocent British men being be-headed and the video being shared on Facebook and YouTube than mums doing what mums do best, looking after their babies.


  1. Hi Rob - It's always helpful to have men echoing this sentiment. "Can we not as human beings differentiate between breasts being used to feed a hungry little human and basic public nudity" - I totally agree. I just posted about this the other day. How's it going with your new little one?!

  2. Hiya! First of all fair play for putting this opinion online - it must be more difficult for a man but I 100% agree with you. Personally I can't wait until the day that we don't have to cover up. As you say, we're feeding a hungry baby - grow up. It's also such a pity that us mothers are discouraged from breastfeeding because it is such a wonderful experience that I would never deny anyone, dedicated a post to when I stopped because it was emotionally quite difficult I even wish men could experience it! Thanks for the post

  3. Hi both, great blogs from you both and thanks for the comments. Life is great thanks nutmeg, wife was so disappointed she couldn't breastfeed but he was just so lazy! Even when we got him on to the bottle it was such an effort for him. But he bottle fed, healthy and very happy now.

    I hear what you are saying aoife but i didn't find it difficult. No man should judge what a woman choses to do and be quite honest its 2014 we all need to grow up!