Tuesday, 11 March 2014

One Born Every Minute - A first timer's view

It's fair to see #OBEM divides opinion. certainly among my followers, many told me not to watch it but a few did say it was great TV.

So me and Pam have sat down the last two Monday's to take a look and fair to say we like it, real life experience and probably good for first timers to see what the experience will be like in terms of time, pain, feelings.

But one thing I realised is no one will have a birth like One Born Every Minute as each one is different and as Pam said to me, she don't know what she is going to be like when the going gets tough!

The programme is great though in terms of showing the pain relief, the procedure and sometimes a real good close up of head's crowning (an early indication of how you are going to be in the delivery room fellas!)

After episode one, Pam was a little teary, I thought at the prospect of giving birth but she was taken with how special the moment of birth was for the mum mentioned.

After the second, it was fair to see she was hooked, loved watching the different labours and think it's given her a very real view of what is going to happen at some point in August when baby bear decides he/she coming to meet us.

But as well as the mums, the impact on the dads is amazing, some proper emotion which is good for me because I cannot see how I won't cry!

It's not for everyone but hey we like it, so thanks Channel 4 and to all the mums who have bravely signed up to showcase the moment of birth!

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