Friday, 21 March 2014

Me, the mum to be and bump’s holiday to Bournemouth

So the three of us went off to Bournemouth for the mum to be’s birthday and what a lovely few days of sun, sand, sea and………… high temperatures…..

After all the excitement since January and the whole ‘’telling everyone” fun and frolics, we needed a break and it was indeed just what the doctor ordered.
Wednesday saw us arrive and barely unpack before we were down on the beach admiring the view before a naughty KFC to complete a lovely evening.

Onto Thursday and the mum to be’s birthday, I promised it would be her day and she certainly enjoyed it. I even got her a card from the bump as well which she found lovely.

Generous family has meant we have dealt with the how we will afford things question, well at least in part.
Dear Mothercare, we’re coming in soon to redeem the vouchers, be warned!

After a breakfast at Weatherspoons (her idea) we ended up at a bra fitting, meaning I was left alone in the lingerie section. No matter how relaxed and how much I looked like ‘I am with a woman honestly’ I still stuck out! Sorry to the ladies who were browsing!
In the evening we went along to Harry Ramsden’s, home of the best fish and chips I have ever tasted.


She was very spoiled but deserved every last bit. To be honest I tried to spoil her throughout the holiday, I looked at her one morning and still can’t believe what she is doing for us. I am eternally thankful.

We started off for home on Saturday and well the car sounded funny, 10 minutes later we were in Mastertech on Brassey Road with a broken spring.
One of the funniest moments was when the mechanic tried to wedge the spring together to allow us to get home (with advice to get it in a garage asap).

Two minutes with a chisel and said broken spring didn’t wedge, instead it flew off and sailed across the garage!
So we were there for two more days but on Sunday afternoon we sat on the pier, holding hands and looking at the water and horizon.

It was a moment which summed up how I feel at the moment and how I have felt since January 3, contentment.
It was the perfect end to a wonderful holiday


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  2. Hi thanks for the comment. Would love to meet other like minded dad bloggers especially dads to be! Will pay a visit