Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our First Shopping Trip

We have started the shopping trips for our baby bear and wow not only do we have a lot to buy but man there is a lot of choice!

First stop was Babies R Us, because its closest! And wow more pushchairs than a mum and baby group and bedroom furniture in many different styles and prices.

Kiddicare next and then maybe a cheeky trip to Mothercare as well. There is so much to get and plenty of gadgets including a rocker which can simulate car drives, a lullaby and all sorts!

Have to say Kiddicare at Merry Hill is very impressive and cheaper than the other stores. Lots of choice on offer and plenty of other mums and dads walking around haha.

It was in Mothercare though where I think we made our first decision, moses basket or crib? We have found this lovely swinging crib in there, both of us have fallen in love with it so watch this space that could be the first purchase!!

It's brought it all home how much life is going to change when we have a little baby bear to lie in the crib and change and feed and dress up and teach and love!

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