Friday, 21 March 2014

Yes, I’m on the wagon, but so is the missus!

When we were trying for baby bear I made a comment that should it happen for us, I would support Pam by going on the wagon and not having a drink.

I thought nothing off it, she can’t drink for nine months so why shouldn’t I send my liver off for a well -deserved holiday?
It’s long overdue as the poor thing has been working hard ever since I was 17, that is what university and a career in journalism often does!

I thought it was the least I could do and well a nice way of offering some additional support for my beloved and the little human setting up home in her belly.
And no one really said anything, the excitement of telling everyone we were having a baby seemed to dwarf my pithy little gesture.

Or so I thought, lately though my gesture has really split the sexes way down the middle. A load of blokes look at me like I am mad when I tell them.
Women on the other hand think I am Mr Super Husband now, Pam’s work colleague said she had never heard of anything like it before and said it was ‘lovely gesture’ (said in the way they do when they are emotional).

It’s got me thinking now? Am I bloody mad? Should I be a bit more alpha male or are there other dads to be out there who have done the same thing.
The way I see it I get a great excuse for a bit of a detox, support a non-drinking wife and save some cash into the bargain.

But to other blokes I am clearly coming across as a bit wet! I mean I have never been alpha male number  1 but have I gone soft.
Peeps, help me out please? Would be keen to hear opinions!

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