Friday, 31 October 2014

Smiling and other wonderful discoveries

THE most wonderful moment of recent weeks has been Jacob smiling away at both me and his mummy.

After the initial ones which you put down to wind, the moment he smiles lightens my world and makes it a simply wonderful place.

I haven't yet captured it on camera as I altenate between smiling and laughing back at him and simply beam with pride at yet another little development in his life.

There are so many recent examples I could share but my favourite has to be anytime he smiles and then lets out a happy laugh like sound.

Just after a milk feed last Saturday, we were in front of the television and he was switching between staring at this box, looking out the window and back at me.

He looked, he smiled and then was so delighted with his effort he let out the happiest sound.

Other developments in the last few weeks have been an increase in babbling, he's realised he can make different sounds now so we get 'ooohs' 'bahhhhhhh' 'aaaaaahhhhhhh' and all sorts of other wonderful sounds.

And I am delighted to say he now goes on his playmat and plays with the various toys in and around him and doesn't throw up as was his want in the early weeks.

I never realised the pleasure in simply listening to him as he goes about learning about his surroundings.

And of course talking to him is such a joy, especially when he looks and goes 'ooooooooooooooooooo' back!

Development is coming along a treat, and his appetite is the same – 15lb 6 oz and just 11 weeks old.

I always thought I would try and get him to be a footballer, might try rugby league instead!


  1. Aw Rob this is so lovely!! Isn't he doing well with his weight too?! Toby has dropped so at 17 weeks he was only 14lb 4oz. Really glad Jacob is doing so well xx #babys1styear

  2. Oh what a beautiful post. I LOVE that first smile, when its with intention and just for you. Perfect :)
    x x

  3. Aww gorgeous post, the first smiles are amazing and I remember them making the difficult days with Monkey much more bearable, I am so looking forward to seeing Little Miss's smiles and hearing her babbles! Xx #babys1styear

  4. Thank you all, already have so many memories and he's only just over four months old! Hope all of your little monkey's are creating similarly wonderful moments x