Tuesday, 25 February 2014

About us

I thought I'd better let you know a little more about Daddy Smurf and the mum to be (haven't yet secured approval to call her Mummy Smurf!)

Mummy Smurf....I mean mum to be is Pam, a former teacher who now works in retail, she is the light of my life, loving, caring and will be a fantastic mum. She is also tackling the pregnancy as a diabetic which has provided us both with some challenges but ones we have tackled together.

Daddy Smurf is Rob, local journalist and editor of a newspaper called the Evesham Observer, love the job and the chance to meet people from all walks of life.

Love football and most sports, good tele, wrestling and do like my food. So much so that in a few weeks Pam might have a bump to rival my buddha belly! Determined to try and get in shape so I can be a good active dad to the little one!

Anyway that's a little more about us, a picture you say? Oh well but be warned it does contain Shrek's cousin on the right!

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