Thursday, 27 February 2014

Boy or Girl? I really don't care

Everyone has been really happy for us but the one question they have all asked is - boy or girl?

That will be another massive moment because it will pit fate v psychic powers.....

I should explain, on my side of the family you see the girl gene is very laid back and sitting at the bar with a spritzer when any conception courtship is takes place.

I am the only boy, my dad is one of two boys and there is one girl among five boys including my dearly departed granddad.

However, my dear cousin visited a psychic who correctly predicted a member of her family would welcome a baby GIRL. Apart from our parents there is only her brother and me, her brother will be a dad for the second time in May and it's definately a boy...

So it could be us? No one knew we were pregnant at that point so maybe theres something to it? I'm not a believer but hey I will buy into anything at the moment.

Truth is I think we are both leaning towards a boy first, to protect any future sister/sisters but hand on heart we both just want a healthy little baby bear.

And if it is a girl then I owe my cousin lunch!


  1. It's the best way to be, I think. We were equally happy either way with our first (who ended up being a boy) - a healthy birth (for both baby and mother) trumps all other considerations. Having done so much else in detail, we left the sex of the baby as a surprise until the birth too.

  2. Thanks for that, admire anyone who can leave the sex of the baby as a surprise. We just desperate to know, I guess its personal opinion!