Monday, 24 February 2014

The 'First Scan'

So it happened, the first scan....

We soon forgot about needing a wee in the waiting room thanks to the PINT of water they ask mums to be to drink! (Always a good idea to ask a pregnant woman to take on AND HOLD on to even more water)

From the moment we went in, the atmosphere was relaxed, sonographer was a dab hand with the gel and went off in search of bubba.

She found him/her very quickly, jaws dropped from mummy and daddy to be. I cannot explain the moment in words other than WOW!

Everything was checked, all fine and I thought great, amazing experience I will never forget.....then I realised pregnancy has the ability to stop you in your tracks, reach into your heart and tug!

Why? A little black dot on the picture, our little baby's heartbeat. Quite simply breathtaking and a moment I will hold forever.

To see that working away while he/she is growing inside the womb is something every man should experience, in no way should a father be able to leave a woman after seeing that either

February 24 is a day I will not forget in a hurry, it was a day we said hello for the very first time to our baby


  1. Finally the day has arrived the magic day of meeting ur little bubba glad alls ok

  2. What a lovely post, you've really captured the magic of that first scan.
    Anne from

  3. Thanks both, worried it was just rambling from an emotional wreck. Never knew how great it would make me and Pam feel!