Monday, 24 February 2014

The secret first 12 weeks

We decided not to tell people until the 12 week scan went by, I took to being a secret dad to be on Twitter and wife managed to keep schtum.
It's not for everyone, I've known people who tell when partner is 6/7 weeks pregnant and if they both happy then good for them.
We didn't want to say anything because bubs is so wanted and to have told people and something to go wrong would have been heartbreaking.
But it's been frustrating, not keeping it a secret despite my obvious big gob, but not being able to share the news with our family and friends.
We both have had struggles in our families over the years and knew a baby would bring massive joy to them.
I suppose that's the deal you make when you decide to keep quiet until the scan, get the 'danger period' out of the way and then share the joy which you know, fingers crossed, won't be taken away.
And to be honest, it was lovely being the only two people in the world knowing for a while, even if it meant one or two white lies....
We have had ups and downs since finding out, sheer excitement has given way to a few worries but soon resolved

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