Monday, 24 February 2014

One blue cross, two lives changed!

Wife came bounding into the bedroom, 'I couldn't wait any longer' and produced it – the test with a blue cross...pregnant!
Even in my sleepy state I knew what it meant, all I could do was hug her, I was so proud, excited, nervous, scared and elated in about five seconds.
It's a moment I will cherish forever, after dropping me at work, she then did a further two tests 'just to make sure'.
But it was true, it was not a dream and oh my god what a feeling. Something changed between us that morning, we always loved each other but somehow we became even closer.
How's it possible when you are already so happily married, god knows?
The strange thing is, you don't really come down and get back to the real world for days, a week in my case.
I was floating away with the idea of fatherhood, how much I would enjoy the good times and also thought how my wife's body would also change in the coming months.
It was only a week later when real life came back, bubs will be here for Christmas, wife and I will now be recipients on Mother's Day and Father's Day and not just givers and many other thoughts.
A cheeky browse around Mothercare is now very real, prices of cots, changing mats and clothes need to be looked at!
All I know is the feeling I had on Friday, January 3 has not left, I cannot wait to become a father!


  1. Well done on getting your blig up and running and loving the name :-)

  2. Cool post mate that moment is so special even after the third time lol

  3. Well done! I really wish I had got my blogging act into gear before our first child was born. You'll have a record of your adventures to remember forever here - and no doubt a supportive community of fellow dads (and mums) to cheer you on! :-)