Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Almost kicking time!

I THINK our little Jacob is about ready to start playing football with Mummy Smurf's insides!

During my regular tummy time (she doesn't mind, honest) instead of getting a vibrating sort of feeling on Saturday night I got the gentlest of prods.

Mummy Smurf is 22 weeks gone now and has a lovely  tummy which I insist looks wonderful but she just looks at me with 'I feel fat and you're an iditot' face..

And movements are getting a lot more pronounced now, strangely during live sport as he kicked away during some football at the weekend and, bizarrely, to the snooker last night!

The noise, the movement and well everything is still blowing me away massively as you can tell from the insane number of blogs on the subject.

On a related subject, Mummy Smurf has now left behind her pre pregnancy sized clothes, limiting her wardrobe massively, she has discovered clothes from when she was up a clothing size though.

My question for mums, did you go up a size or did you look to pick up some cheap maternity wear from NCT sales and the like?

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