Friday, 16 May 2014


SO we have reached 'V Day', 24 weeks, meaning our gorgeous little Jacob (I know he is, he'll inherit his mother's genes) would have a chance of surviving if things got out of hand.

A lot of mums say things drag but whether it's new dad optimism or what I have found the last 12 weeks have fled by. From January until the end of February, when we weren't telling anyone, it dragged.

Since then we have a bump, kicking, wiggling and major decorating of what will become a nursery taking place.

We have a name, we have people offering to buy us things and we, in 14 weeks, will be parents...eeek.

To mark the occasion, I thought we should finally share a picture of this bump that me and Mummy Smurf have already grown to love.

But a weird thing happened, Jacob looks like he went and hid as I am sure the bump looks bigger than the pic! See what you think!

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