Friday, 30 May 2014

In defence of the NHS

THE National Health Service gets a huge kicking; we have all seen the negative headlines in the press.

But I can honestly say Pam and I have been treated so well this pregnancy, yes we are a ‘higher risk’ because of her diabetes but I could not ask for more as a first time dad to be.

From the moment we went to the doctors to get everything confirmed and start our pregnancy journey, everything has been linked up, joined up and well just worked!

I don’t know how other first time mums and dads felt but the moment we got the blue cross on the pregnancy test, I felt we were making a journey into the unknown.

But every step of the way we have been told what’s happening next and never had to chase any appointments.

We even have a hilarious (well to me anyway) situation that all of Pam’s obstetrician midwife and scan appointments came through in one envelope, mapping the road to Jacob’s birth.

I will accept that we are probably getting a better standard of service because we have a diabetic pregnancy but it’s really allayed my nerves and fears.

We met our wonderful diabetes link midwife today and she is a delight, very welcoming and engaging even with me which was a nice surprise.

Our obstetrician was lovely as well and certainly broadened our minds about the birth, Jacob even made her smile when he yet again ensured his heartbeat was loud and clear.

The diabetic consultant was great as usual, was delighted with Pam’s HBHN1 levels but very level headed and offered us some great advice with her changing diabetic needs.

And then the laser eye treatment…which went very well and again although I was worried, my pregnant wife was again in great hands.

Sometimes I doubt the NHS but I can honestly say in terms of this pregnancy, I do indeed #lovetheNHS

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