Friday, 9 May 2014

School is in session!

So we went to our first class on Tuesday, a taster session run by the lovely Helen Hunt and Jo Lederer.

It's a venture into the unknown for us both obviously but apart from one couple, we were in a small group of similar first timers which instantly made things just a bit more relaxing.

But we need not have worried, Helen and Jo made things very relaxed and easy to understand, having a small group really did benefit us as we felt we were being helped directly rather than being addressed as the ladies would have had to do had it been a larger crowd.

After a quick preamble, Helen and Jo split the group into smaller groups to look at pictures of women and men post birth and asked us our thoughts. I was surprised just how open I was about my own feelings but glad I was not alone and one of the other couples quickly boosted my confidence which was lovely.

Following that it was a boy/girl split time so the mummies could talk properly about the birth where we men were given a beginners guide, Helen was great with the guys though, not patronising and tackled a delicate matter in a way I think us embarrased guys could understand! It was amazing to see just how much goes on when bubs comes down the birth canal.

On the whole it was a fabulous evening, we only intended to go to that class to give ourselves an introduction but we are now going to the next three! Knowledge is power and all that

If you are parents to be in Worcestershire, take a look at their website (link below) because it's a great experience and breaks down more than a few barriers.

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