Thursday, 8 May 2014

One hugely special moment

SO Mummy Smurf went to bed early as she was exhausted. I go up for a cuddle, something we have always done since we met as I often don't go to bed until MUCH later.

Anyway since Jacob has expanded the living quarters and begun moving, I have often spent most of the time with my hand on Mummy Smurf's belly and already felt the vibration like movements and the odd prod as I said on the last blog.

I can't feel proper real movements yet which does make Mummy Smurf a little unhappy I think but I like the fact they have some time together!

But anyway back to tonight and one of the best moments of the pregnancy and yes of my life, happened at around 8.45pm.

As a joke, I put my hand on her belly and asked Jacob to kick 'for daddy'. For the life of me I never once thought he'd do it.....

But amazingly I got a little kick back! Mind blowing to say the least and my followers on Twitter will already see I've likened this pregnancy to Christmas every few days. There is always something to get excited about!!

Thank you Jacob, thank you son, it's been an awful week at work. It's like you knew I needed a huge boost!

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