Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My c-section experience!

NO I haven’t gone mad or had a weird dream, last night at our excellent Birth Choices workshop, the lovely Helen and Jo staged what the room would be like for those facing a caesarean section.
The only caveat was a dad had to play the part of mum to be on the table (three chairs pushed together). And given the fact I fancied a lie down (and probably have a pregnant looking belly myself!) I volunteered my services.
Everyone else in the group was given roles to show who to expect in the theatre if the need arises or when you go in for the section.
Not only that but various tags listing the equipment which a mum would have put on her were attached to me with pegs and string!
It was an excellent way to showcase what will happen and I think really opened many of the mums eyes and credit Jo and Helen for staging such an exercise to break down the barriers.
As a man I know I won’t face the experience from the table but what struck me was that it’s actually a little intimidating lying there with people standing over you.
I wonder whether any mums who had sections felt like that or was the knowledge you would soon meet your baby enough to make you ignore any feelings of fear.
I can only repeat what I said on an earlier blog, if you are parents to be in Worcestershire, do find out more about Jo and Helen’s classes. They are good value and very intimate so you are not part of a huge group.
Neither of them preach any particular approach to pregnancy or birth, they tell you whatever you feel you need to know.
Follow the link to find out more!

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