Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A man's view on the post pregnant body

I WASN'T going to write this, I didn't want to upset anyone.

But with Mummy Smurf feeling a little down about her expanding body and yet another debate about post birth pregnant bodies on Good Morning Britain yesterday I decided to take the plunge.

It's understandable why a woman feels 'massive' but I can honestly say I have never been more attracted to Mummy Smurf both sexually and in simple relationship terms.

The pride I feel that the woman I love is housing our little boy is overwhelming and has deepened my love for someone i adored already.

And I know she will lose her baby weight after the birth, not because of what society says but because she has a size which makes her happy as a woman.

That should be the case for every mum to be, don't slim down in an instant after birth do it in your own time to achieve the goal YOU want.

DISCLAIMER: I know I am a man and probably don't understand the female psyche (who does!)

But when the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from hospital with her baby belly in place, I had thought the debate about 'getting in shape' was over.

There was a realism about it, no mum comes out of hospital or home after the birth with a flat tummy - it's not possible.

But yet we are still obsessed with what I call the 'Posh Spice' approach.

If there are mums whose bellies shrank quickly then great. But please can we just congratulate new mums and offer support and encouragement on any slimming down THEY WANT TO DO!


  1. I think you make an excellent point about what society expects from new mums and what they really want for themselves. Totally agree with you - let's just focus on the mums and their families!

    1. Just think there is far too much pressure, instead of these great baby weight loss articles, focus on the fact they are now mums instead!