Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What to buy and when?

THE baby shopping has started at a sensational rate but has caused a dilemma in my mind.

Do you get everything new because your little bundle deserves the best or scrimp and get everything second hand?

Well I think Mummy Smurf have discovered the third way, the essentials second hand and the important stuff new/from relatives.

I have been pestered for a list from my dad for weeks and now it seems family members might be buying some important things!

Stupidly I feel guilty as my cousin became a dad for the second time so I think money should be lavished on them not us.

BUT it dawned on me, this is the first grandchild for my mum and dad, why shouldn't they be allowed to spoil Jakey bear before his big arrival?

Getting everything you need is made simple thanks to lists in magazines and websites! Affording it is a different matter!!!!

But rather helpfully Pam's mum has suggested we perhaps look at the 3-6 month old baby clothes section as Jakey will be rather big when he arrives.

Something to think about as there is just 11 weeks to go....eek!

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