Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Our last holiday as a couple....

THIS weekend we will be off on holiday to Wales, for a break and also to mark the end of an era....

Because this will be the last time Mummy Smurf and I can just pack what we need and go away to do what we want for a very long time.

That's right sports fans, this couple will become a three in August and holidays will never be the same again!

From later this summer the amount of packing will increase, the holidays will be children dominated and those lazy afternoons we spend in one particular Welsh pub are probably a thing of the past.

And you know what? I cannot wait, sure I am not bored of our lazy holidays but why shouldn't we turn the page and enjoy some adventures in the next chapter of our lives.

I've yet to comprehend just how much life will change when Jacob gets here but I know I am going to make the most of this holiday.

Our last chance to be a couple, just us. Because after this summer we'll be looking for great days out and for the first few years taking more than our phones and cash out with us haha.

It's a break we are both looking forward to, goodbye couple's holidays you have been fun and hello family fun breaks, I look forward to meeting you!


  1. Awww thats so nice! Looking forward to your first family day out post then. Congrats =) #pocolo

  2. Thank you! I hope will be in a fit state to post and not panic ridden lol