Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ten things I have learned so far...

TO celebrate 30 weeks of pregnancy, I thought I'd share the 10 lessons learned so far...

1) Never predict how you will react when your beloved tells you she is pregnant, my reaction to her peeing on a stick was to be mute for the first time in years!

2) If you are keeping it secret, learn to lie - A LOT

3) Do try and ensure the scans go as close to time as possible, she has full bladder which won't get any lighter

4) Do NOT joke about: running water, taps or peeing while waiting. It will not be appreciated 

5) Be prepared, her food taste will change without warning. That meal you used to love? Yeah she might not like it anymore

6) Do not, I repeat NOT overdo the 'you should be resting comments' - pregnant woman are like iPhones, fantastic and do loads with a full charge but next to hopeless when the battery is on red.

7) Fellas, she looks amazing and you have so many dirty thoughts in your head you could write a porno. She doesn't...supportive and massages might be all you get to do...

8) Don't rule anything further than 7) out though but try and think with brain and not the old fella

9) When she feels huge, don't state the obvious! Again you might not like the response!

10) Fellas, it's ok to panic - it's normal but it soon passes. Oh and you will have a moment when you are with your own dad where you will think:

"Christ, I am going to be father!"

Enjoy, it's a marvellous trip! 


  1. Can you make number 7 a poster please! :) Great advice post x

  2. Number 10 is so true...and when it happens you still can't believe it!

  3. Haha thank you both, yes today has taught me I will probably be wowed and in awe about it all haha

  4. Very true love this list :-D #iPotLinkup