Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I'm going to be a dad, HELP!

IT hit me on Sunday afternoon, as I was buying my dad a drink and ordering some food together'Oh my god I am going to be a dad'.

Now before any wisecrackers start, yes the wife's swollen belly, her restless legs, the scans, the purchases of such things as nappy bins and changing tables were a clear indication of the arrival of another person into my world.

But I realised over the weekend, I have done all the research into pregnancy and the birth and becoming a parent. I've just forgot to look into what being a dad actually means!

This time next year, a little person will look at me and call me dad and in return I have to love him, look after him and keep him safe.

Someone is going to rely on me, a scary thought but not as scary as the one that I will actually be eligible for Father's Day next year!

But beyond that, I will change his bum, make him laugh, teach him things, celebrate his achievements and support him in any low moments.

I am going to be a dad!!!

P.S – My darling wife actually made this Father's Day rather special by buying me this card, a dry run for next year!

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