Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What is the point of Katie Hopkins?

I DONT like insulting anyone, especially not a woman, but what is the point of Katie Hopkins?

She has aired her views once again called Kim Kardashian's baby North West 'ugly'.

Now everyone has the right to an opinion, including Mrs Hopkins, but it seems she can only spout venom about parents and children.

Anyone with 'working class' names such as Tyler and Chardonnay are somehow lower than her and her children. And memorably she dislikes parents who give their children a 'location-based' name.

That's Katie Hopkins who has a daughter  called India.....

Yet she is given airtime over and over again to spout her views having made her name on reality shows.

An exceptionally ruthless business woman appeared on the Apprentice, a worthy winner in the making.

Yet she resigned citing childcare problems but said she would have won anyway....

Various other media appearances have followed including a column in a national newspaper yet on parenting she seems to hate mothers.

The idea of a mum staying at home out of choice is abhorrent to her, her capacity to see the other side of the arguement is almost non existent.

Yet programmes such as This Morning seem to love her as a kind of Shock Jock.

But I have already learned in parenting, everyone does it differently and as long as children are safe and secure it doesn't matter how they are raised.

Becoming a parent is a gift, it shouldn't be demonised as much as she does.

What is the point of Katie Hopkins?

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