Monday, 28 July 2014

Four weeks to go...

JUST one month left, one month before our lives change forever! It only seems like two minutes ago since an excited wife came bounding into the bedroom clutching a little bit of plastic with a blue cross.

Fast forward and the cause of that blue cross is now a living, breathing, wriggly little human who is exploring his house in great detail.

J has been breech for about 10 days and was on the last scan but over the weekend it appears our little boy is bored of the new position he found and is off discovering where else he can visit. Of course he never forgets to either lie on or push his feet against that lovely squishy thing next door (aka mummy's bladder)

In the last few weeks I have marvelled at how much her belly moves when he does, yes at first all you can think of is the Alien movies but after a while it's a source of wonder.

I will miss his little thumps and kicks when he is with us, my tummy time is the highlight of the day some days for me, Pam insists he often is soothed by hearing my voice although I highly doubt it - I've never soothed in my life!

Things are progressing so well on his room, we ordered the carpet on Saturday and it's being delivered and fitted TODAY (Monday) such speedy service!

We also brought a Cosatto changing table from the lovely staff at Babies R Us in Oldbury at the weekend who kindly brought the box down so I could see if it would fit in the back of our little KA.

Pictures to come, my DIY skills are to be employed this coming weekend so expect complete disaster and much swearing!

It's time the spare room became spare once again and not Baby J's warehouse of stock we have brought, been given, stole (only joking)

Because four weeks from now, the room will have a little person in it....


  1. Time really does fly! So brilliant that the carpet can be fitted so quickly and the people of Babies R Us were so understanding and helpful! Dropping by from Magic Moments

  2. Hi guys! Heard many good things about you! Time is really flying yes, just hope it slows down when Jacob is here and we can enjoy the baby years! Thanks for commenting

  3. "I will miss his little thumps and kicks when he is with us" - don't worry - those are certain to continue !

    Good luck with the next 4 weeks - they will seem like an eternity!

  4. Things that my husband missed! He was in the UK and I was in The Philippines when my son was in my tummy. Saly he is not even there when I gave birth as my son went out a month early. You are so lucky to see your wife while your baby is still inside cuz its just so awesome =) #magicmoments

  5. Thanks Paul and Pixie, seems like they are going quickly. I certainly feel privileged to be playing such a part, tryng to help as much as I can anyway.