Friday, 25 July 2014

My biggest fear is...

NAPPIES, there I said it. I am not scared of not feeding him, killing him, exposing him to a deadly virus (ooo someone watched too much 24!) but I am frightened about changing J's bum.

The amount of nappy related dreams I have had this pregnancy has now caused  a real fear, from putting it on the wrong way to not being able to seal it up - I think I am going to be a disaster in the blast zone.

Everything looks just so fiddly and combine that with a wriggly baby, it is the recipe for disaster.

I had the chance to tackle one (on a doll but they all count) at the NCT class and was so fingers and thumbs I swear the plastic child on the changing met did another wee while I was fiddling about!

I need to practice before J's arrival and have contemplating asking my Twitter friends if I can pop round when it's bum change time but realised that would be a jolly good way to lose said friends....

I am stuck, I am throwing myself on the blogging fraternity here to ask for tips and advice but please can someone tell me they felt exactly the same when their partners were pregnant.

I think it's because the feeding will probably be taken care of by Pam herself, I am viewing tackling the end zone as my role in this parental comedy.

The worse thing is I am not actually bothered or even thought about what smells await yet or getting weed on, not that I have fetish for that sort of thing you understand! More that these 'worries' have taken so much of my time up I haven't yet contemplated what delights J has stored up for me.

Any help or support would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has the number for Nappy Changers Anonymous that would be great....

I did find this thanks to Tesco Baby Club so anyone with the same fear, here's a stress reliever of sorts!


  1. You'll be just fine! Once you've changed a few you'll be a dab hand at it :) I have always changed my babies across my lap. Rest their neck on one thigh and bottom on the other. I find it easier to stop them wriggling so much, especially when they are toddlers trying to run away! #PoCoLo

  2. Between my and my husband before he is the better nappy changer. At first he is so scared of doing this too but when you do one nappy everything will be easy peasy! Baby's movement is not really that much but when they start walking thats the time when nappy changing can be tricky. It involves following a moving subject =P #pocolo

  3. That's a great tip Katie, one to try in the coming weeks!! I am sure I will be fine like your husband as well pixiedusk, reckon just need to practice and get it right, bit like the driving test haha.

  4. Oh and THANK YOU both for the comments hehe, rather rude not to say that!