Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The generosity of others

THIS past weekend has just brought home how loved Pam and I are and to be honest how lucky we are.

My dad has brought us Jacob's cot and the Joie travel system (for all you who love a bit of pram porn there is a picture on this blog) while her parents brought us Jacob's crib, his first bed in the big world.

Added to that the oodles of clothes my cousin has sent us after they had their second boy, the fact they are going to buy the baby monitor and that our families are all giving so generously.

Its blown my mind to be honest, I wanted my dad to rein himself in and took me a while before I understood this is his first grandchild, he's entitled to have a splurge.

Firstly the cot is lovely, as you can see from the pictures it's easy to see why we fell in love with it and a cot bed as well so J is sorted.

Whether it still looks so nice when we get it from flat pack to built in his room is down to my limited DIY skills. Incidentally we had a massive boost as it was a four week wait because it was out of stock when we went to Kiddisave in Walsall on Saturday/

However on Monday I had a phone was in stock and they are holding it for us! A huge weight off my mind!

As for the Joie (no I can't pronounce it either) Chrome travel system, we fell in love with it at the Baby Show and thanks to the lovely staff at Mothercare in Walsall we learned more about it.

Got a cot, car seat and front and rear facing pushchair as a result, it's so easy to operate even Mr Dense here can fold it up in no time!

Just got to get them home now and start assembling them. I know you pram lovers love a good picture or two so yes there will be a blog and maybe ongoing tweets about putting it together.

Man, anyone would think we were having a baby!


  1. Great post. Thats the problem with flat pack- you have to put it together! Well done on mastering the pram. I couldn't do it at first and in my heavily pregnant state at the time I cried - a lot. :)x #pocolo

  2. Those looks nice and I will be waiting for the future post about this too! #pocolo