Friday, 25 July 2014

I'm thinking of a career change

WOO HOO 50 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway now that is out of the way, I can start talking sense...what do you mean that would make a change???

I'VE had a strange feeling the last few days, the feeling that I want to leave my career behind and go down a different path, that of a male antenatal teacher.

This experience preparing us for J's arrival has really opened my eyes and shown me what an important role dads have for their partners through the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

But I have also seen how men can become disconnected with the process, like when you are virtually ignored at midwive appointments and the like.

And I don't know whether it's the giddyness of becoming a dad or just frustration with my current job as a local journalist but I really am thinking of retraining to become an antenatal teacher.

I have had so much help from the likes of Dean Beaumont at DaddyNatal and through the NCT course it has made me think what I can do to help other men becoming dads for the first time.

Without both courses I would be really dense about parenthood and while I appreciate there are many great dads like my good friend Craig aka @ADayInThisDadsLife who did no classes at all, some men (me) do need to learn the basics before baby's arrival.

It was interesting to talk about it at our most recent NCT class and even more so to find Isabelle our teacher was in full support and questioned why there were not more male antenatal teachers in the UK.

Pregnancy highlights the difference between the sexes in my opinion. Women are concerned about their changing body but begin to bond with their baby from a very early stage and obviously have all the attention, as they should.

Men are congratulated and have to make the connection themselves such as touching her belly and talking to the bump but experience no body changes other than the well known sympathy belly...that's my excuse anyway!

It's easy for a man to become disconnected and not involved, none of the changes actually happen to you but there is so much you can do be a great dad before your baby is even born.

I've learned that and do feel like I want to maybe pass on my knowledge to other dads to be, a brave move I know and could be a silly idea but hey, it would be a radical career change!


  1. Great idea mate. If it's something you're interested in, then go for it. No harm in trying. I think there's definitely a need out there for more information / coaching / advice when it comes to the role of the dad in the whole pregnancy malarkey :)

  2. Thanks pal, did wonder how this post was going to fly with the dads but good to hear your thoughts as a fellow dad to be

  3. I don't think there's enough male antenatal teachers out there and you'd be plugging a bit of a gap! Hope the pregnancy is going well. Its a LOT of fun when baby arrives (besides the lack of sleep bit). Thanks very much for your comment on my post too :)

  4. Oh interesting! And I totally say go for it! I'm currently looking into doing the Postnatal Practitioner course with the NCT college. Have you had a look into the courses they do? :)

  5. I would definitely be plugging a little gap I reckon, I don't know what is inspiring me, suddenly have the urge to help fellow first time dads to be! I feel a tiny bit more confident so maybe I can help them feel the same. I haven't looked into anything as yet Emma, it's very much an idea at this stage but a lot of people, including Pam I have to say, are very supportive of me even at this early stage