Thursday, 10 July 2014

Why is 'the belly' public property?

SINCE Pam's home for J has become more round, obvious and beautiful our journeys home have been increasingly dominated by the nice comments customers have made to her.

Now don't get me wrong, I am glad so many are noticing and making the lovely comments they are doing as it's great other people are praising the way she looks.

But it's got me thinking, just why is it so acceptable to comment on pregnant bellies? They are such a conversation starter wherever you are.

Pam works in a clothes shop, so comes into contact with plenty of mothers and women who have all said how nice she looks, 'how long you got left' etc.

And luckily no one (except me) has felt it yet, although I am waiting for someone to try and see how Pam reacts to it...and me come to it, think the alpha male might come out and thump whoever asks!!!!

But no one ever comments on a strangers hair-do, people who are losing weight (how much more you got to lose lol) or someone with a tattoo.

Yet the belly gets comments, I am happy as long as Pam is and I think it's a great source of encouragement for mums to be for complete strangers to say how well they look.

But there is an element of 'why do you care, you don't know my wife' - I guess it's nice to be nice hey?

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