Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bump Love

OK it's only tiny but I love Pam's little tum, always want to hold it.

I worry I am not normal and perhaps want one of my own, well I do but that is down to eating naughty things! 

But I guess it shows how attached and involved I feel. Understandably there is a bit of umming and arrrring from Pam who feels 'she going to be huge'

I've told her I love her for her and not whatever changes take place in her body.

But it's lovely to see a little shape emerging already, scary too when you think we are almost at 19 weeks.

It's fair to say I already communicte with bump, feeling it when I can but also say goodnight to it.

What is going to happen when we have kicks is unknown. Really don't know how I will feel, happy or concerned he/she isn't kicking enough?

In short it's a beautiful time, something I know I must help Pam enjoy. Lots of praise and compliments will help!

Scan in just over a week to see boy or girl? How did the last two MONTHS go by so quickly!

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