Sunday, 20 April 2014

Let's talk about hormones

Right hormones, what have you done to my wife?

Before pregnancy she was normal, was able to keep a lid on her emotions and wasn't er, what's the word which won't get me in trouble? errr Ditsy?

Before we got married in 2011, I mentioned I was more than likely going to be a bit damp around the eyes (I cry easily ok get over it I could have been an actor!)

Her response? Don't as you will set me off which is Pammy code for I am feeling the same but if you can take the lead and be strong that will be great.

Goodness knows what will happen during the labour, can't exactly take the lead with that, but I digress.

Now we have moody days, rather ditsy days where she forgets something you told her seconds before and rather worryingly, openly crying days.

It all started when we started watching One Born Every Minute, from the first daunting episode when it was all a bit scary to the mum in waiting who now watches it, empathising with the mums!

A little boy on the most recent episode we watched, struggled with his breathing and off she went, tears rolling down her cheeks.

The thing about OBEM is they carry on the storyline until the end, this week appeared to take a turn for the worse. I was there holding her praying the little boy would come though (he did)

In short I now have no control over her eye-based waterworks, she's gone native, she's becoming a mummy!

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