Friday, 18 April 2014

We're having a boy! (Probably)

SO there we have it, it's a boy for me and Pam sometime in August.

The 20 week scan was always something we look forward to because we wanted to know whether bump was blue or pink!

But as time drew closer you realise how much more important is.

We were again in very safe hands at the hospital with a male sonographer this time. 

As first time parents we need calm reassuring words and have to thank both sonographers for their wonderful way the handled us.

Following checks on baby bears' skull, spine and limbs the sonographer even checked the blood flow - mind blowing stuff!

Ah but hold on the magician had more tricks up his sleeve! He even showed us our little baby's thigh bones!

And not content with already wowing mum and dad he gave us a close up of the little heart beating away.

This got me emotional again! From the little black dot at 12 weeks to this tiny little heart the size of a fingernail (apparently) baby boy bear's heart is the thing that makes me cry with pride

After letting a bursting wife go to the loo, it was time for the you dirty minded so and soes we weren't THAT happy with him!

Although not 100 per cent he searched and said he was pretty confident it was a little boy! A son and most probably a little Jacob for us to love and cherish.

And as you will see from the picture, after spending the scan moving, our little boy settled to give his mum and dad a lovely picture of the day!

It's another day which will live long in my memory, awesome experience!

What's next? Oh yes, the birth....

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