Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daddy Brain!

I HAVE daddy brain! That's official

Spoke to a lovely couple yesterday who tragically lost their daughter soon after birth due to a condition known as Edward's Syndrome.

In short they discovered the problem at the 20 week scan which threw me because I have always understood the first 12 weeks were the most dangerous, to find out bad news at 20 weeks must and clearly was heartbreaking.

They have gone on to have another little boy to join their family which includes a four year old boy and had no problems in the third pregnancy.

As a local journalist sometimes you have delicate interviews, previously I would empathise of course but because it was out of my experience zone it would not affect me

However after saying goodbye yesterday I felt incredibly sad, so much so that instead of driving back to the office I parked in town and went for a walk to clear my head.

I felt so sad it could have been Jacob but almost guilty that here I was having a so far healthy little baby and this lovely couple had gone through heartache.

But I guess that's pregnancy, anything can happen at anytime and to anyone, I admired her courage for refusing a termination and bringing her little girl into the world.

I have foregone names as it's not my place to reveal them on a blog when it was something I did for work but do visit their Facebook page and the SOFT UK charity web page, both are linked at the bottom.

Pregnancy is very precious, I made sure I gave Mummy Smurf and Jacob an extra cuddle last night

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