Thursday, 24 April 2014

From balls to breast...feeding

IT'S all about the anatomy tonight but reading a link Me the Man and the Baby posted earlier got me very angry.

Basically a woman was kicked out of Sports Direct for breastfeeding her child, now I probably shouldn't get as worked up about this but I do as it seems blokes are the main objectors to this.

Yes blokes find something wrong about mums breastfeeding in public, the very same that probably buy a well known national newspaper, probably admire ladies walking past and have detailed conversations about breasts and other things to admire on a woman.

My point being is I have never encountered a mum yet who sits there, top off, bra off, feeding her child. There is nothing remotely 'indecent' about public breastfeeding and I hope Mummy Smurf (who wants to breastfeed) will feel supported and confident to do the same.

I spoke to a couple of mums a few months ago from the local NCT group in my role as editor of a local newspaper and one mum was breastfeeding.

Now I am not stupid, I knew what she was doing, but there was nothing wrong with it as far as I was concerned and I certainly wasn't 'offended'. What really delighted me, as a man, was at no point did she feel she had to 'apologise' or even worse run to the toilets.

(Would you like to eat your lunch in the toilet? No, so why ask a little baby to do so?)

It's a natural process that is more natural than admiring pictures in a newspaper or checking a girl out as she walks past.

So guys (and some girls), stop being dinosaurs, otherwise local newspaper journalists like me will hunt you down and expose you

Me the Man and the Baby


  1. Thank you for writing this post. I have been breastfeeding my son since birth and he's almost 4months now. I too have been harassed (I guess you could cal it) for feeding in public, all by men. One asked me to put a blanket over myself so I asked him if he ate with a blanket over his head - he soon went quiet!


  2. That is disgraceful and an indication of where we are as a country. I'm sorry to hear that but hope the journey gets better for you and Dexter, lovely little chap! Men are crap at times!