Tuesday, 29 April 2014

He likes to move it, move it!

I THOUGHT fans of rubbish 90s music would love the blog title!

So we had a weekend of movement, nothing on the outside yet but I think it's fair to say Jacob is Feng Shui ing his living quarters now!

Not a night goes by (yes our son chills during the day) without Mummy Smurf interacting with bump while we are watching TV, she wants me to feel the movement but I can't yet.

However, I did discover a treat at the weekend, listening to her tummy! What an incredible experience! Gurgling and bubbling away you can hear the little one going about his work.

What a lovely feeling, I came downstairs afterwards and felt so moved, it still blows my mind that my little boy is living and growing inside my beautiful and glowing wife (I know I should grasp it by now but hey come on I'm a first timer!)

I feel incredibly attached and involved with the pregnancy, Pam is always encouraging me to listen and interact and I could not be more prouder of her.

We also got a whole host of appointments through as well, including two more scans! Great for us as we can take a peek at Jacob a couple more times before his arrival.

Bad for Mummy Smurf and her bladder though!

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