Sunday, 20 April 2014


SO we now definitely have movements, its as if the star of the show planned this weekend all along!

First of all our little blue bear put on a show for the scan and since Good Friday, Pam can feel little fluttering feelings in her belly or movements to you and me!

I feel a little left out but on the other hand its really nice to know mum and baby have a little private time together, her baby letting her know all is well in there!

Emotionally, Easter break has come at just the right time as things are really hitting me now. For some reason I have been focused on the pregnancy and the birth and gave no thought to day one....

Now we know we more than likely we are having a boy though, loads of thoughts are going through my head. Will I be a good dad? Will my son actually like me? Will I cope being a father and a husband?

The future is both awesome and bloody frightening at the same time, knowing a little boy will be part of our lives later this year is getting me through a pretty crap time at work.

And I know the baby will make us both happy, it's what we have both wanted pretty much since we met and certainly since we have been married.

The fear of the unknown is pretty scary though,  I guess all first time dads to be feel like this though?

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